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Wild rice, contrary to the name, is not actually a member of the rice family, although it is a grain producing grass. Wild rice is native to North America & Canada and can still be found growing wild in the ponds and lakes of Wisconsin, as well as in neighbouring states. Like rice, wild rice grows in water, although wild rice tends to require much deeper water resources. The two grains also have taste similarities, both tasting much more nutty with the outer husk left on.

Wild rice, unlike conventional rice, has not been domesticated for commercial cultivation. Wild rice must still be painstakingly harvested from boats in the open water, using beating sticks to knock the mature grains into holding containers. Wild rice, like most grains in their natural state, matures at different times to ensure the widest spread of seeds and the least probability of damage and seed loss.


Wild rice is a delicious delicacy, well worth using in a variety of recipes or eating on its own lightly sprinkled with oil. While it will never achieve the commercial success of many easy to grow and harvest grains, it enjoys a highly favorable niche market of aficionados, who appreciate the grain for its delicacy and superb flavour.




As a result of the difficult harvest process, wild rice is expensive and often difficult to obtain. Wild rice is also an extremely delicate grass that is quite sensitive to changes in environment. With the widespread use of dams in the United States, many areas formerly rich in wild rice have not been able to sustain their former populations of the tasty and nutritious grain. Not only is this a pity for consumers who enjoy the crop, but many native peoples hold the grain in high esteem.


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