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Whether you are using Pine Nuts towards your next Basil Pesto creation or plainly as an aphrodisiac, $66.00 for 1 kilo is much cheaper than buying at the supermarket, deli or fruit shop. Reatimus used them on the Romans. Galen, a second-century Greek doctor, prescribed them to his patients for their reported powers. Even today, some people hail the pine nut as one very deft kernel of love. Pine nuts, also called pignolis, come from inside the cones of pine trees and are harvested by drying the cone. This delicate and buttery nut, which contains the highest amount of protein of all nuts and seeds, comes in several varieties: Europeans eat an Italian or Swiss version; Asians use the strongly-flavored Chinese nut; Americans eat a Mexican nut. But it is the communities around the northwestern Himalayas who rejoice the most. Privy to the pignoli of pignolis, a product of the Chilgoza Pine, they enjoy an outstanding birthrate. Perhaps pine nuts increase fertility. Or maybe they just increase copulation. Whatever the case, they’re worth a try.

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