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California Walnuts are packed with good nutrition. As well as featuring cholesterol-lowering properties, they contain other heart-healthy components such as vitamin E and dietary fibre.

The delectable walnut ranks as one of the most widely consumed nuts in the world. Inside a tough shell, its curly nutmeat halves offer a rich, sweet flavor, and the edible papery skin adds a hint of bitterness. California produces the highest-quality English walnuts in the world; its crop accounts for 98 percent of the U.S. market and approximately 40 percent of the world market.

Walnuts are a great source of protein and fiber. They also contain significant amounts of thiamin, vitamin B6, folacin and vitamin E. Other mineral value comes from iron, zinc, copper, magnesium, phosphorus and potassium. Their high percentage of omega-3 fatty acids helps make walnuts “heart-friendly.”
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